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In affiliation with Nuvance Neuroscience Institute

At the Cutting-Edge of Minimally Invasive Surgical Technologies

In affiliation with Nuvance Neuroscience Institute, Elite Brain & Spine of Connecticut is located in Danbury and Norwalk.  Our neurosurgical specialists utilize minimally invasive surgical techniques to perform several spinal procedures through skin punctures or incisions less than 1-inch long.

Neurosurgical Care You Can Count On


Experienced Experts

Our doctors have 35+ Years Experience Providing Care to more than 50,000 patients.


Latest Technologies

The specialists at Elite Brain and Spine utilize the latest and most cutting-edge minimally invasive techniques.


Our Board-Certified and Fellowship-Trained physicians are experts in the fields of the Brain, Spine and Neurological care.


Collaborative Team

At Elite Brain and Spine, our doctors, nurses, and health professionals from different specialties work together, communicate often, and share resources to provide our patients with the most comprehensive care available.


Full Treatment Plans

Our specialists are committed to a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, helping to ensure the right diagnosis and the most effective treatment plans.

Multiple Locations

We have 2 convenient locations in Danbury and Norwalk Connecticut.

Elite Brain & Spine News

Welcome Dr. Jeffrey Gilligan!

As the newest member of the Elite team, Dr. Gilligan is passionate about the complexities of spine diseases and disorders. With years of clinical and academic experience in neurosurgery, we’re excited for Dr. Gilligan to bring his expertise to our practice and our patients!

We've Moved

You can experience the same level of expert and compassionate care you expect in our new location, The Neuroscience Institute at 33 Hospital Ave, Danbury, CT.

After 40 years of practice, Dr. Javed Shahid has retired

Since 1980, Dr. Shahid has provided our community medical care beyond the scope of practice we know today. His genuine manner and humble approach has touched thousands of patients over his 40 plus year career. Devotion to the practice of medicine would shine through with every encounter, each patient leaving with the feeling of being heard. Dr. Shahid would listen to his patients, and would always take the time necessary to hear their story. He was able to carry this compassion into the operating room, where he was truly able to exhibit his craft. He took great joy in healing his patients and returning them back to their prior selves.

As medicine evolved over time, Dr. Shahid demonstrated resilience in adaptation. He embraced new surgical techniques, cutting edge technology and the digitalization of modern day medical practice. Not only did he enjoy the practice of medicine, he valued serving as a mentor and teacher to his colleagues, residents, nurses and staff. Despite his retirement, he will always be a neurosurgeon. He is a true credit to our profession and an honored member of the medical society.

Dr. Shahid continues to serve on the board of directors for Nuvance Health, bringing his expertise of patient care to the executive level, aligning patient experience with the networks future vision. His former patients continue to be welcomed at Elite Brain and Spine, the practice he helped build over his long career. Even though he is no longer an official part of the organization, he has shown merit that we claim him as a continuing part of our professional group, we gather glory from his reflected glory.

Headshot of retired neurosurgeon Dr. Shahid wearing a black suit angled right

About Elite Brain & Spine

We provide top-quality patient care through close integration and communication between our neurosurgeons and surgical physician assistants. Choose a specialty below to learn more.


We offer comprehensive treatment plans for degenerative, traumatic, and neoplastic spine diseases and disorders.


We offer cutting-edge, minimally invasive treatment strategies that help reduce risk in brain surgery.


Our neurovascular surgery program combines expertise in minimally invasive surgery with the advanced specialties of interventional neuroradiology.

I cannot adequately express the extent of my gratitude and respect for Dr. Batson and his team at Norwalk Hospital in this letter. The level of technical skill, dedication, and professionalism needed to perform a craniectomy is obviously a prerequisite for a successful operation and subsequent recovery. However, the feeling of trust, depth of confidence, and level of communication transmitted throughout my mother’s hospitalization was unparalleled.”

-Mark I.

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As an affiliate of Nuvance Neuroscience Institute, Elite Brain & Spine of Connecticut extends its neurosurgical expertise, convenience, accessibility, and affordability to our patients. 

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